About Me

DJ Flea

My beginnings: music and learning

He was born in the city of Las Tablas, Los Santos, DJ Flea began his passion for music from an early age (1995). He began to understand and study the mixes performed by the DJs of Fabulosa Estereo radio station, especially in the genre of reggae.

He began mixing using an old stereo Sankey brand, one of those squares that have a turntable on the top and two cassette players. He bought cassettes to record the mixes of reggae that were played on the radio and he studied the mixes performed by the DJs. For him, cassettes were the first tool for mixing music, which he used for several years until compact discs appeared.

By 1997 he began to mix using two Discman CD and a mixer that he built at school, because he studied electronics. With this simple equipment, he participated in small parties in his city.

In 1998-1999 he learned to use the "Denon 2500" at "Proyecto X" dance club in Chitre. There, DJ Fabio taught him how to mix salsa and merengue.

In 2000 he got his first computer. With it he started making his first digital mixes. He used various programs for mixing, but his favorite one was "Deejaysystem". Now everythging was easier because everything was in the PC and could finally have a better control of the music.

By the end of 2007, he finally acquired his first CDJs and a professional mixer, leaving somewhat aside the computer, which only he used to edit or burn mixes and record videos. In 2015, he acquired his first controller: DDJ-SZ.

Today, he knows how to mix different musical genres, among them are: Reggae, Reggaeton, Merengue, Hip-Hop, Salsa, Soca, Bachata, Pop, Haitian, Electronic, Retro, Techno, Dance, Vallenato, Rock.

He does not considered himself as a professional DJ, just someone who loves music and having fun mixing it. Mixes done by him are been accepted with love for all his followers worldwide.

September 10